Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Oracle placement papers 2011

Oracle placement papers 2011

 All these set for this year 2011, I have. 

Assessment: Software Engineering Aptitude
»Math Reasoning10 min
IT Reasoning10 min
Attention to Detail5 min
Logic Diagramming10 min

Written English(BASIC)

Assessment Breakdown

Sentence Structure5 Minutes10
Grammatical Usage5 Minutes5
Written Expression7 Minutes5
Reading Comprehension8 Minutes5
Totals25 Minutes25 Questions
Assessment: Computer Science Knowledge (Basic)
OS Concepts and Data Structures7 min

Big O notations and OOAD Fundamentals7 min
DBMS and CODD's Fundamentals7 min
Time Remaining



Question Number 1

Which one of the following is NOT a referential integrity issue in a relational database where the DEPT column of the EMPLOYEE table is designated as a foreign key into the DEPARTMENT table?
Inserting a new row into EMPLOYEE with a DEPT whose value is not the primary key of any of the rows in DEPARTMENT
Updating the value of DEPT in a row of EMPLOYEE with a value that is not the primary key of any of the rows in DEPARTMENT
Deleting a row of DEPARTMENT
Inserting a new row into DEPARTMENT with a primary key that is not the value of the DEPT column of any row in EMPLOYEE


Question Number 2

From the following options, select the OOP mechanism, that allows treatment of the derived class members just like the members of their parent class.


Question Number 3

A monkey wearing a cap__________ on a tree when it was raining heavily.
is sitting
are sitting
was sitting
were sitting